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Seeing the World in Big Shapes...and Learning To Paint That Way

On September 22nd and 29th I will be teaching a class at The Scottsdale Artists School
for Oil Painting students on the importance of painting SHAPES rather than things.
This class is "a must" for  ALL  students who wish to grasp the importance 
of the proper way to paint and to see.
Brand new BEGINNERS are welcome!
for information call 480 990 1422
or www.ScottsdaleArtSchool.org

I teach in Phoenix on  Tuesday  or at scheduled private lessons.

Watch for my " pleine aire" classes at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.

Judith  Spitz   602-943-8971  judithspitz@msn.com
copyright 2010  all rights reserved
Painted in memory of Krystyna Trzesniewska
died March 1  1943  in Auschwitz..