I create realistic paintings of various subjects that appeal to me, but I am mostly drawn to the depiction of people in their everyday life interacting with each other or the enviornment.  My paintings of Africans Hawaiians, Peruvians, Native Americans and other destinct ethnic peoples depict a love of people and of humanity.  I feel that the earth is becoming a smaller and smaller place, and that we are here to live peacefully with and have deep respect for one another.  

In addition to ethnic subject matter, I paint portraits, florals, landscapes and animals, with the goal of presenting each as uniquely individual.

As for my style of painting, I use traditional Oil Paints and Soft Pastels to integrate a contemporary aesthetic with classical sensibilities..

Nationally Acclaimed  Award Winning Artist      
Judith  Spitz   602-943-8971  judithspitz@msn.com
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judith spitz "After the Bath"  Pastel on sanded paper